Daksh Dua

Hi, my name is Daksh (pronounced duck-shh) and I'm from central Jersey, although I lived in Singapore for a couple years. Right now, I'm a third-year (and final-year) student at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science and a Certificate in Core Texts and Ideas. Right now, I'm searching for a full-time role! I'm passionate about a variety of computer science fields, including full-stack web development and robotics. On top of that, I look forward to exploring more about new aspects of computer science!

Recent Experience

I interned at Amazon recently, as a Software Development Engineer I Intern on the Treasure Truck team. My intern project was focused on test automation and I developed a Java Coral microservice to help manage the accounts for test Treasure Truck customers. In the process, I learned a lot about AWS technologies that I utilized heavily throughout my project, including AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Identity and Access Management, CloudFormation, Virtual Private Cloud, CloudWatch and Pipelines. I was also able to do a final presentation in front of the entire Softlines department, which was a great experience!
I decided to develop a Python script that changes the color of the lights in my room to match the album art of the song that I'm playing on Spotify. It was a great way to get more familiar with Python and Spotify's API, and it's also a lot of fun to use! You can find the code here.
This project is the very website that you are reading. I wanted to familiarize myself with mobile-first responsive web design, which is what led me to design this webpage! I used HTML, CSS and Javascript, along with Bootstrap.
I built an electronic voting platform using Node.js and PostgreSQL for the student Senate of College Councils at UT Austin for a faster and more efficient alternative to roll-call votes. This project became particularly important when our meetings were moved online due to COVID-19 and is currently being used at biweekly General Assemblies. Check out the results from the last one right here.
For my CNS Inventors summer fellowship, I worked on a project to bring an autonomous fleet of robots onto UT's campus to deliver food and other goods. This project became more important as COVID-19 worsened, as robot delivery systems reduce human-to-human contact significantly. Check out more at smads.netlify.app.


My Resume